Who we are at Soco Vinícola

Soco is the volcanic stone wall
that is built by hand to protect from the wind around the traditional hole where the vines are cultivated. They are marvellous works of art, highly functional sculptures that must be kept in perfect condition all year round.

The year 2020 was not a good year, or so they say,
and we are not going to say it was wonderful either, but even in regrettable years interesting things emerge. It's a question of courage and a touch of madness.

When the harvest season arrived in Lanzarote, the island's winegrowers found themselves with wineries that were unable to buy their grapes, it was understandable that the virus affected everyone. It looked very bad, so we came up with the idea of founding Soco Vinícola as an "express cooperative".

They had space and desire, and with
some nerves, tension and haste they managed to save 40,000 kilos, all that could fit into the new winery, where they had just moved and where Soco Vinícola has been founded.

Soco wines are long and easy to drink, to celebrate when you can: we are happy that we have helped each other, and that an unfortunate year doesn't taste bad at all, because the grapes don't taste anything of any virus, and they don't care either.